A city of significant investment

In terms of the city’s revenues, Dąbrowa Górnicza has at its disposal one of the largest budgets among those cities classified as being administrative entities having the rights of a county.

Municipal budget in 2015 (expenditure in total): PLN 663 081 362 mln

The largest completed investments

  • Modernization of the bus public transport infrastructure – a project partially funded by the EU, and completed in partnership with the Sosnowiec and Będzin District Councils, as well as with the PKM (local public transport company). As part of the project, 22 bus routes were modernized, 72 low-floor buses were purchased, and 161 bus shelters in Dąbrowa Górnicza were renovated.
  • Construction of social housing buildings in the area of ul. Sadowa and ul. Swobodna: PLN 22.500.000.
  • Construction of Lipówka II – a municipal waste dump, together with the Municipal Waste Treatment Plant: PLN 33.500.000.
  • Redevelopment of a building at ul. Kosciuszki 25, into Main Municipal Library: PLN 10.500.000.
  • Construction of the Sports and Entertainment Arena in Haller Park: PLN 30.000.000.
  • Preparation of the technical specification for the repair of the flyover in ul. Rudna, and contract works completion: PLN 9.600.000.
  • Construction of acoustic screens along ul. Staszica: PLN 6.400.000.
  • Construction of an acoustic screen in ul. Pushkina: PLN 3.800.000.
  • Redevelopment of the “Sztygarka” City Museum, together with the repair of damage through mining subsidence: PLN 5.500.000.
  • Bridge on national road №94, over ul. Jamki: PLN 9.650.000.
  • Sewage system in the Dziewiąty district (construction and conversion), in ul. Kasprowicza, ul. Adamskiego, ul. Łącząca, ul. Konopnickiej and ul. Asnyka: PLN 6.600.000.
  • Pogoria Summer and Water Sports Centre. Realisation of the project included new pier, playgrounds, and more than 30 km of cycling paths. Investment value: PLN 24.578.326.
  • Eurocamping Błędów: camping and recreation site at ul. Żołnierskiej 130, in Błędów district: PLN 4.310.000.
  • Construction of a sanitary sewage system, a rain drainage system and waterworks in the Strzemieszyce district, in the area of ul. Źródlana, ul. Hetmańska and ul. Studzienna: PLN 4.330.000.
  • Development of broadband Internet infrastructure in Dąbrowa Górnicza – 53 km of modern Internet network, 24 public hotspots, security surveillance system: PLN 24.059.230.
  • Zagłebie Cancer Centre, the 1st phase of establishment of ZCC – PLN 8 525 000.
  • Comprehensive preparation of the investment area -Tucznawa in Dabrowa Górnicza: Phase I, Phase II, Phase III. The project consisted in the construction of road with a total length of almost 9 km. The project included construction works with regard to roundabouts, intersections of roads, drainage works and street lighting. As a result, a connection with the largest investment area in southern Poland – Tucznawa with the total area of 259 ha was created. Total cost of investment – PLN 66 256 269,01.
  • Reconstruction of the national road No. 94 within the section from the border with the municipality Sławków to the border with the municipality of Sosnowiec, including reconstruction of the road viaduct over voivodeship road No. 790. Cost of investment – PLN 272 381 203,17.
  • Reconstruction of the historic Palace of Zagłebie Culture in Dabrowa Górnicza – cultural heritage of Zagłebie Dabrowskie (Dabrowa Basin). Total cost of the two phases of investment – PLN 72 079 870,03.
  • Organization of the water and sewage system in Dabrowa Górnicza District – phase 1- PLN 490 041 683,68.
  • Elimination of discharge of domestic sewage from the city center to the waters of the river Pogoria – PLN 61 060 741,45.
  • Construction of the Special Educational Centre with sports complex for Children and Youth with Disabilities – PLN 72 000 000.
  • Integration area – for social integration in Dąbrowa Górnicza and construction of city monitoring systems – PLN 1,745.427,28.
  • and use in the area of estate Mickiewicz and Norwid in Dabrowa Górnicza, including Phase I Majakowskiego street. Estimated value of investment – PLN 64 420 433,30.


The most significant city investments in realization

  • Purchase and installation of equipment using renewable energy sources, with lifters energy efficiency of selected municipal buildings in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The estimated value of investments – PLN 1 000 000.
  • Promoting green mobility in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Estimated value of investments – PLN 1 500 000.
  • Increasing institutional capacity and efficient public administration through the development and modernization of reference databases county public records. Estimated value of investments – PLN 3 607 909.75.
  • Support for local communities in the areas revitalized in Dąbrowa Górnicza- Phase I, Phase II. The estimated value of investments – PLN 500 000.
  • DG Networking – support MSMEs in areas revitalized in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Phase I, Phase II. The estimated value of investments – PLN 150 000.
  • Vocational training of the XXI century – rebuilding with equipment laboratory practical training in vocational schools in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Estimated value of investments – PLN 1 500 000.
  • Modernization and extension of street lighting with energy-efficient LED technology. The estimated value of investments – PLN 3 000 000.
  • Revitalization of public spaces and areas degraded in Dąbrowa. The estimated value of investments – PLN 1 000 000.
  • Comprehensive preparation of investment areas for the purpose of economic activity in Dąbrowa Górnicza – PLN 500 000.
  • Zagłębiowski Linear Park – revitalization of the functional area of river valleys and Przemsza Brynicy. The estimated value of investments – PLN 2 302 785.
  • Purchase and installation of equipment using renewable energy sources, with lifters energy efficiency of selected municipal buildings in Dąbrowa Górnicza – PLN 1 000 000.
  • Expansion of parking spaces and reconstruction of the existing communication system on the estate Sikorksiego in Dąbrowa Górnicza – stage III. Estimated value – PLN 2 000 000.
  • Reconstruction of the road viaduct over the street. Pilsudski over the railway PKP estimated value of investments – PLN 5 240 000.

The largest business investments

ArcelorMittal Poland 
  • modernization of the large №2 furnace. Value: over PLN 256 mln
  • a new machine for continuous steel casting. Value: PLN 431 mln.
  • modernization of the plant, including the construction of a new sinter strand. The value of investment PLN 140 mln.
  • new workshop. The value of investment PLN 15.5 mln.
Przyjaźń coking plant
  • a new coke oven battery – the largest recent undertaking within the coking industry. Value: PLN 420 mln.
  • expansion of the plant for a new foundry (beginning 2016 investment.). The value of investments PLN 160 mln.
  • investment in a new plant. Value: PLN 193.855.000.
  • investment in new iron foundry as part of production line of brake discs – approx PLN 250 mln.
  • investment in the expansion of the production plant (2011).. A value of 100 million Euro, an increase inemployment for 1 200 people. By the end of 2014. Doubling production.
Pogoria Shopping Centre (investor, Maryland Real Estate Warszawa Cassino Group)
  • construction of the shopping centre. Value: PLN 232.626.000.
Mecacontrol Group
  • construction of a factory making plastic and aluminum sub-assemblies for the automotive industry. Investment value: PLN 32.567.640.

Saint-Gobain Innovative Material Polska Sp. z o.o.

  •  expansion of the plant. The value of approx. PLN 319 mln.

GUHRING Sp. o.o.

  • construction of the plant in Dabrowa Gornicza and launch the production of high-performancediamond tools. Expenditure incurred by the company has already exceeded 28 million dollars.

NGK Ceramics Poland

  • construction of a new plant in Dabrowa Gornicza, investment area Tucznawa. The investment cost of PLN 300 mln. NGK Ceramics will be there to produce car particulate filters. The new factory is going toemploy approx. 300 people.


Investment expenditure in enterprises in PLN in 2014.

City Total Including
Industry and production Market services Non market services
in PLN million
Dąbrowa Górnicza 958,0 682,7 156,4 188,4
Katowice (voivodeship capital) 1 848,8 941,5 698,8 208,5


Gross value of fixed assets in PLN in 2014.

City Total Including
Industry and production Market services Non market services
in PLN million
Dąbrowa Górnicza 15 514,0 13 930,0 1 205,5 378,7
Katowice (voivodeship capital) 33 066,0 13 675,0 16 309,2 3 082,7


Expenditure on the commune own investment in reference to total expenditure of the commune (municipal budget).

Year Total expenditure in the commune in PLN Expenditure on the own investment of the commune from the municipal budget in PLN The ratio of the commune’s own investment  to the total expenditure of the commune in %
2015 663 081 362,00 141 367 516,00 21,32
2014 856 031 452,50 362 159 780,21 13,77
2013 698 127 229,24 274 181 629,92 35,41