“Building and development of an enterprise’s export strategy – practical aspects”

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An investment process


Within preparation of the investment basic information concerning the real estate  where the investment is due to be carried out is inevitable , i.e. legal  status, location, access to a public road and laying of pipes, sewers, power lines in the area as well as building conditions and the designation of the real estate in the local master plan.


In case there is no local master plan concerning particular location, the Investor shall apply for determining the building development conditions issued in a form of a decision.
Obtaining inevitable permits and a decision as well as making an investment
Having finished an initial phase of the investment process and possessing the right to use the real estate, the Investor shall obtain all the essential permits or make a notification of all the planned works. The course of action in this phase is dependent on the kind and range of the planned building undertaking.

Construction works can be started only on the basis of a final decision about permission for the building works (or a decision about permission for a demolition). Attached you can find kinds of works that need no permission.

Kind of the construction undertaking can decide about the necessity of obtaining a decision about environmental conditions of the undertaking. It occurs when the investment planned can have a significant impact on the natural environment. Obtaining an environmental decision for such undertakings is required before starting the process of obtaining a building permit.

An investor is obliged to inform about the date of starting the construction works. The building process must be carried out and supervised by authorised persons.

Finishing works – technical acceptance  
After carrying out the construction works there is still the last phase left which consists in technical acceptance of the object by proper institutions and possibly obtaining a right of usage. A right of usage form and the notification about finishing the construction works are submitted to the County Inspector of Building Works Supervision (PINB). It is a government administration organ.

In Dąbrowa Górnicza the Inspector is based in the building of the City Hall, 21 Graniczna St. 21, tel.  + 48 32 295 69 24; 295 69 25; room number  021B (ground floor).