“Building and development of an enterprise’s export strategy – practical aspects”

For the sixth time, we are pleased to invite you to take part in the Summer Business Academy'2018 (LAB'2018), organized in the coming months by the Enterprise Europe Network at the branch of the Upper Silesian Fund S.A. Meeting I will be devoted to the issues of...

300 million for innovations in the automotive industry!

The call for proposals for the second INNOMOTO competition is in progress, with a budget of up to PLN 300 million! The grant competition is addressed to entrepreneurs or to consortia of entrepreneurs who focus on innovative solutions in the automotive sector. Projects...




Building permit


Responsible department City Planning and Architecture Department (WUA)
Required documents
  • Application for the building permit (form No. 2)
  • Statement of the right to use the property for construction purposes
  • 4 copies of the building design with opinions, agreements, permits and other documents required under detailed regulations and the building license and certificate corroborating the designer’s membership of the chamber of professional self-government
  • the decision on land development conditions (if the investment area is not covered with the local zoning plan)
  • A specialist opinion mentioned in art. 33 clause 3 of the act – Building Law (if required – applicable to nuclear power facilities, refineries, chemical plants, water dams or projects containing untested technical solutions having no grounds in the regulations or Polish Standards)
  • The decision concerning an agreement with an appropriate agency of the architectural and building administration for mining plant facilities and structures located in closed areas
  • Power of attorney granted to a person acting in the name of the Investor (if applicable)
Charges The charge for the permit for the construction of a building and construction equipment related to a building is varied and amounts to:

a)           for a building assigned to business activities other than agricultural and forestry – 1 PLN for each m2 of usable area (not more than 539 PLN)

b)           for a building serving ego utility purposes in an agricultural farm – 14 PLN

c)           for another building – 48 PLN

d)           for wells and equipment for the removal of solid waste and liquid waste – 20 PLN

e)           for structures related to agricultural production – 112 PLN

f)            for water supply, sewerage, power supply, telecommunication, gas distribution, heating networks and roads except for access roads, accesses to buildings and road exits with no prejudice to letter g) – 2,143 PLN

g)           for water supply, sewerage, power supply, telecommunication and gas distribution networks up to 1 km long – 105 PLN

h)           for other buildings – 155 PLN

i)            for construction equipment related to a building – 91 PLN

j)            charge for the approval of a building design – 47 PLN

k)           charge on the permit for the reconstruction or renovation of a building and the recommencement of construction works – 50% of the rates defined above

l)            fee for the permit for a demolition of a building – 36 PLN

m)         fee for the transfer of the building permit decision or the decision concerning the permit to the recommencement of construction works on behalf of another entity – 90 PLN

If a mixed-function building permit is issued the residential area of the building is not taken into account when calculating the stamp duty.

If a building permit covering more than one building mentioned in this section is issued the stamp duty is collected separately for each building.

Deadlines 65 days of the submission of an applications and required materials
Legal basis Act of July 07, 1994 – Building law (uniform text:

Dz. U. of 2013 No. 1409, item 1623 as amended)