Executive Breakfast, Warsaw 21st June 2016

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Carrying out demolition works

Construction works involving the demolition of structures and buildings located in the estate require the acquisition of a consent. Demolition works can only be started pursuant to a final demolition permit decision.

The demolition of certain buildings and structures only requires the declaration of works. The declaration should define the type, scope and method of execution of demolition works.

Demolition can be commenced prior to the acceptance of the declaration or the issue of a permit if it is aimed at the removal of an immediate threat to the safety of people or property. However, the commencement of such work does not waive the obligation to submit the declaration of obtain the permit.


Declaration of demolition of  structures

Responsible department City Planning and Architecture Department (WUA)
Required documents
  • Declaration of the demolition of structures – application (form No. 12)
  • Statement of the right to use the structure/property
  • 2 copies of the documentation containing:
    • location plan
    • type, scope and method of work execution
    • work commencement date
Charges Charges are not collected in the case of the declaration of construction works.
Deadlines The construction works can commence if a competent agency does not issue an objection in the form of a decision within 30 days of the declaration delivery and not later than after 2 years as of the commencement date defined in the declaration
Legal basis Act of July 07, 1994 – Building law (harmonized text: Journal od Laws from 2016 No. 290)

Demolition permit

Responsible department City Planning and Architecture Department (WUA)
Required documents
  • Application for the demolition permit (form No. 13)
  • Statement of the right to use the property
  • A structure location chart, description of the scope and execution method of demolition works, description of the method applied to assure the safety of people and property
  • Permits, agreements and opinions of other agencies
  • Depending on the complication of the demolition:
    • 4 copies of the building design with opinions, agreements, permits and other documents required under detailed regulations and
    • the building license and certificate corroborating the designer’s membership of the chamber of professional self-government
  • Power of attorney granted to a person acting in the name of the Investor (if applicable)
Charges 36 PLN – for the issue of the permit
Deadlines 65 days of the submission of an applications and required materials
Legal basis Act of July 07, 1994 – Building law (harmonized text: Journal od Laws from 2016 No. 290)