Once again the Warsaw School of Economics commissioned by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency prepared a “Report of investment attractiveness of regions – 2015”. The report is an annual publication about the investment potential of the regions, which is used to raise and locate foreign investments in Poland. One of the few studies that include its examination of not only the region, but also the municipalities and counties.

According to this year’s edition of the report, among the most attractive Polish regions is Silesia. According to the report, the investment attractiveness of the region shows a strong relationship to the level of its economic development, so in this respect the most distinguished are well-developed economically provinces ie. Silesia. The main assets of the Silesian province included, among others, Poland’s biggest road and rail hub conducive to the development of industry cooperative relationships, numerous economic sub-zones offer attractive investment areas or Poland’s largest conurbation, creating unique investment potential.
The report also rated highly City of Dabrowa Gornicza, which was awarded a gold star. Gold star is the highest honor and represents the highest rating in all analyzed economic sections (including assessment of the labor market, infrastructure, social infrastructure, the market situation). Gold star was awarded to the City of Dabrowa Gornicza in both categories the counties and municipalities.
The report on the investment attractiveness of the whole country as well as the Silesian province can be found on the website of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.