Geodetic Information

An investor planning a construction process shall obtain a copy of the base map and/or an identification map (record) of the premises where the construction work are due to be carried ou

The maps are for opinion-giving purposes as well as an attachment to the applications in the further phases of the investment process.

The department responsible: Geodesy and Cartography Department

Required documents:   An application form for making available a copy of the map from the geodetic and cartographic resources.


A copy of the basic map (color):

a) first page PLN 22.50, each additional PLN 12.00 (A4)

b) first page PLN 37.50, each additional PLN 20,00 (A3)

A copy of the cadastral map (black and white):

a) the first page of PLN 7.40 each additional PLN 4,20 (A4)

b) the first page of PLN 12.30, each additional PLN 7,00 (A3)

Legal basis:

  • The Act of 17 May 1989 of Geodetic and Cartographic Law (harmonized text, Journal of Laws from 2015 No. 520 with further amendments).

Documents to be downloaded