Business constitution

On Monday, April 30, the so-called business constitution - a set of five laws that are designed to make life easier for entrepreneurs. The new regulations introduce significant changes in business operations, including in contact with offices. The...

Karol Adamiecki Economic Award

Become the winner of the Economic Award Do you run a business in Dąbrowa? Are you implementing innovations? Are you guided by the principles of fair competition that you abide by the principles of ethics, corporate social responsibility, do you focus on employee...

300 million for innovations in the automotive industry!

The call for proposals for the second INNOMOTO competition is in progress, with a budget of up to PLN 300 million! The grant competition is addressed to entrepreneurs or to consortia of entrepreneurs who focus on innovative solutions in the automotive sector. Projects...

“Building and development of an enterprise’s export strategy – practical aspects”

For the sixth time, we are pleased to invite you to take part in the Summer Business Academy'2018 (LAB'2018), organized in the coming months by the Enterprise Europe Network at the branch of the Upper Silesian Fund S.A. Meeting I will be devoted to the issues of...




Has already invested in Dabrowa Gornicza

The proof of a good climate for entrepreneurs are examples of many companies that decided to develop their activities in Dabrowa Gornicza. There are over 12,000 active in the city. enterprises, including 163 with foreign capital.

In Dąbrowa Górnicza, investors appreciated the efficiency of work, loyalty and high qualifications of employees, but also the availability of raw materials, the quality of investment lands and the ever-growing road infrastructure.