Location and description: The area is located in Dąbrowa in the center of the Tucznawa investment area of 222 hectares. Complexes no. 4, 5 , 6, 8 and 11 ( a total of approx. 23 hectares ) are within the borders of the Katowice Special Economic Zone, and the complex B7 ( approx. 13 hectares ) is located in Dąbrowa Economic Activity Zone . The whole area of Tucznawa can be incorporated to the Katowice SEZ. The first investor in the area of Tucznawa is NGK Ceramics Poland Sp . o.o., producing ceramic inserts for car engines. Start of the production is planned for January 2017. The property is surrounded by forests and agricultural lands . In the more distant neighborhood there are located industrial areas ( ArcelorMittal Poland SA , Przyjaźń Coke plant of JSW SA , URSA Poland Sp . o.o., Brembo Poland Sp . Z o.o. Ficomirrors Poland Sp . o.o. ) . The nearest residential area is located 450 m to the north- west of the complex, along the provincial road No. 796 – the street Idzikowskiego . The city center is located on the southwest of the area Tucznawa.

Access to the property is possible from 2 directions :

The West – a connection with the provincial road No. 796 (ul . Idzikowskiego ) – an asphalt road,

The South- a transport connection with ul. Inwestycyjna from the provincial road No. 790 (ul . Gołonoska ) – an asphalt road.

The city center can be accessed with national roads and the Aleja Józefa Piłsudskiego.

Public transport

Tucznawa district is served by public transport . Bus stops are located in the streets of Szosowa, Idzikowskiego and Dąbrowszczaków.

Bus lines:

140 (Dąbrowa Górnicza Labour Office – Tucznawa Remiza)

237 (Tucznawa Remiza – Gołonóg Osiedle)

637 (Dąbrowa Gornicza Labour Office – Siewierz Center of Culture)

903N a night line (Dąbrowa Górnicza – Gołonóg PKP – Bus Station)


Area: 222. 3668 ha. Part of the area (72,7768 ha ) is included within the borders of Katowice Special Economic Zone.

Owner: Dąbrowa Górnicza District Council, full ownership. The property has its land register kept at the Dąbrowa Górnicza District Court – KA1D/00027120/7, KA1D/00028742/0 and KA1D/00033808/9.

Existing infrastructure:
An overhead power line 6 kV runs through the area. It can be used at the stage of investment implementation (available power of approx. 3 MW). In the vicinity of the investment area, there is the 400/110 kV substation Tucznawa. It is possible to supply the investment area with electricity:
– Powering with the voltage of 110 kV from ES Tucznawa. Requires the investor to construct a 110 kV line and construct a 110/ MV station according to the needs.
– Powering with the voltage of 20 kV from ES Tucznawa. A switching station will be built by the end of the second half of 2017, allowing for medium voltage connection according to the needs of investors

Water system:

Water supply of the land from the aqueduct DN 315 mm located in the Tucznawa investment area. Min. pressure 4 bar– 800 m³/day.

Following an expansion of the water supply facilities planned for 2017 the capacity will be 75 l/s. The investment will be carried out by the city of Dabrowa Gornicza in cooperation with the Katowice Special Economic Zone.

Sewagewater system:

Currently the investment is planned to be completed in 2018.

Gravity sanitary network with a diameter of Dn 200 mm, Dn 250 mm and Dn 400 mm distributed along the access roads to the investment plots (connections at the plot borders). Wastewater discharged with two pumping stations T1 and T2 (DN 400 collector) for Tworzeń pumping station.

Rainwater in retention tanks on particular investment plots, discharged into reservoirs (investment the Municipality of Dabrowa Gornicza) and then to the Trzebyczka river.

Gas supply with a medium pressure gas pipeline φ 160 PE (specification of the main pipe) located on the investment area Tucznawa. Available capacity of 6000 Nm³ / h . A reduction and measuring station located on the investment area has a throughtput of Q = 1700 Nm³/h.

Possible extension of the stations and increased throughput.


Use in land development plan: industrial and service land.

Basic zoning: multi-functional industrial and service zone. Acceptable zoning: storage sites, garages, items of technical and communications infrastructure. The zoning plan does not specify the surface area of the possible development.

Sale form: sale of the ownership right by tender.

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