The Ministry of Economy has prepared a draft law amending the Act on certain forms of innovative activity. The purpose of the amendment is to define the rules for granting technological credit, especially for the SME sector investing in innovation in the new financial perspective 2014-2020. On 31 March 2015 document went to inter and public consultation. We invite you to comment until 15 April 2015.

In accordance with the Law dated on 30 May 2008 on certain forms of support for innovation activities, in 2007-2013 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises can apply for a loan technological granted by commercial banks. In the period of 2014-2020, this instrument will be continued by the Ministry of Economy, under the name of technological innovation loan – under the Operational Programme Development of Intelligent (PO IR).

The draft amendment defines the rules of the loan for the investment of technology, the subject of which is the implementation of new technology in the form of industrial property rights, the results niepatentowanej development or technical knowledge. In addition, the process of implementing a new technology has lead to the creation of new or significantly improved processes, goods or services. Repayment of part of the capital of the technological credit will be followed by the PO IR.

Act is being amended to adjust its provisions state aid rules in the financial perspective 2014-2020. Implementing institution organizing the competition in sub-measure technological innovation Loan PO IR will BGK.

Link to the document on the Public Information Bulletin of the Government Legislation Centre.


Source: Ministry of Economy