“Building and development of an enterprise’s export strategy – practical aspects”

For the sixth time, we are pleased to invite you to take part in the Summer Business Academy'2018 (LAB'2018), organized in the coming months by the Enterprise Europe Network at the branch of the Upper Silesian Fund S.A. Meeting I will be devoted to the issues of...

300 million for innovations in the automotive industry!

The call for proposals for the second INNOMOTO competition is in progress, with a budget of up to PLN 300 million! The grant competition is addressed to entrepreneurs or to consortia of entrepreneurs who focus on innovative solutions in the automotive sector. Projects...




Obtaining the right to use the estate


The land and mortgage register is the basic source of the information about the legal status of the estate. To view the content of entries contained in the register for the given estate, one can use the Internet database maintained by the Ministry of Justice or personally apply to the District Court in Dąbrowa Górnicza, VI Department of the Land and Mortgage Register (Dąbrowa Górnicza, ul. Graniczna 23) where an extract of the register can also be obtained.

Purchase or acquisition of the perpetual usufruct title from the Dąbrowa Górnicza commune

List of estates for sale and announcements of tenders concerning the sale of estates is located:

  • on the announcement board of the City Administration in Dąbrowa Górnicza,
  • on the website:, Business section, “Real estate tenders” tab.

Everyone interested in a real estate other than included in the above-mentioned list or announcements and owned by the Commune has to submit an application for the sale of the property that starts the sales procedure.

Responsible department Real Estate Management Department (WGN)
Required documents 2                  Application No. 1 “Sale of property by way of a tender/without a tender* transferring the ownership / in perpetual usufruct*”

3                  Planimetric and contour map, scale 1:1000 with the marked location of the land

Charges The application can be submitted free of charge
Deadlines Answer within 30 days of the submission
Legal basis The Act of August 21, 1997 on real estate management (uniform text Journal of Laws from 2015, No 1774 with subsequent amendments),

* For estates whose reserve price is higher than 100,000 euro, the deadline is 2 months

** A tender is usually carried out in the form of an oral unlimited tender. The tender is valid is at least one participant offers at least one increment on the reserve price.