Permit to use a building


Prior to the commencement of the use of a building, a final decision on the permit to use has to be obtained. It applies to those buildings and structures whose construction required the building permit and those cases in which the Investor wants to start using the structure before the completion of all works.

An investor on whom the obligation to obtain a permit to use a building was imposed is obliged to notify the following agencies of the completion of the construction of the building and the intended commencement of its use:

  • State Sanitary Inspection,
  • State Labour Inspection,
  • State Fire Service.

These institutions state their positions as regards the compliance of the completed building with the building design. The institutions have 14 days for the submission of their positions.

The use permit procedure is one of the tasks of the Poviat Building Supervision Inspector. The notification of construction completion is also submitted to that governmental agency. With the notification of construction completion or the use permit application, the Investor is obliged to enclose:

  • an original construction log.
  • statement of the site manager:
    • as regards the compliance of the completed building with the building design and conditions of the building permit and regulations,
    • as regards the bringing the site to an appropriate condition and order as well as the road, street, neighbouring estate, building or premises – if used.
  • The statement of a proper management of adjoining areas if the use of the built structure depends on their appropriate management.
  • reports from tests and checks.
  • As-built geodetic inventory.
  • Confirmation of the approval of completed connections in line with separate regulations.

A copy of the statement of energy performance of the building.