Registration of construction works


Responsible department City Planning and Architecture Department (WUA)
Required documents
  • Declaration of construction works (form No. 10)
  • Statement of the right to use the property
  • Sketches or drawings illustrating the scope of works
  • Permits, opinions, agreements required under separate regulations
  • In the case of a construction of landscape architecture structures in public places, one also has to present the plot or area development design compiled by a designer with an appropriate building license.
  • In the case of the construction of:
    •  container systems for liquid gas with a single container having the capacity up to 7 m3 for the supply of gas distribution systems in single-family residential buildings
    • Terminals: power supply, water supply, sewerage, gas distribution, heating and telecommunication ones
    • plot or area development design has to be additionally enclosed with a technical description of the systems, compiled by a designer with an appropriate building license.
Charges Charges are not collected in the case of the declaration of construction works.
Deadlines The construction works can commence if a competent agency does not issue an objection in the form of a decision within 30 days of the declaration delivery and not later than after 2 years as of the commencement date defined in the declaration
Legal basis Act of July 07, 1994 – Building law (harmonized text: Journal od Laws from 2016 No. 290)