Location: undeveloped parcel of land located at the city boundary with Będzin, 3.5 km away from the Dąbrowa Górnicza centre. In close proximity there is the multi-family housing estate and single-family housing development.

Access: Kołłątaja, Koszelew and Siemońska Street, within the plot area there are planned access roads/public roads/ 10 m wide roads within boundary lines.

Area: 4,6660 ha

Owner: Dąbrowa Górnicza District Council. The property has its own land register, kept at the Dąbrowa Górnicza District Court – KA1D/00034154/6

Land surveying designations: 5 plots marked with No. 131/2; 131/6; 131/7; 131/8 i 131/9 on map sheet 9. Geodesic precinct: Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Land description: flat and unfenced terrain of irregular shape.

Utilities: the land has an access to basic facilities of technical infrastructure i.e. electricity, water and sewer system.

Use in land development plan: in accordance with the applicable local land development plan, the area is intended for low impact service development and single-family housing development.

Sale form: sale of the ownership right by tender.