Approximately 7-10 new investment projects is expected to gain in the first quarter. 2015.. Katowice Special Economic Zone (SEZ),. Estimates for the whole of 2015. 12-15 projects worth 1-1.5 billion , translating into approx. 1.3 thousand. new jobs.

After the first half of the representatives of the SEZ estimated that perhaps by the end of the year will win them some new investment projects. Then, however, pointed to the lack of rules governing the investment of the new rules (their preparation is the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy). Now recall that the relevant regulation on this issue is still not there.

Increased activity of investors, which usually coincided with the last quarter of the year, is now likely to move to the first months of the new year. This is obviously related to the process of legislation concerning the functioning of SEZs in Poland, which we hope it was not long enough to influence investors’ decisions told PAP president Piotr Wojaczek SEZ.

Looking at the interest of investors in the Katowice area from the last six months, we are confident that in the first quarter of 2015. Will only raise about 7-10 new investment projects, which will be worth at least 700 million ” – added Wojaczek.

Signaled that new projects should establish, inter alia, SEZ areas in Czestochowa and Krapkowice. Authorities also are counting zones, they’ll win the first investor into the Regional Park of SEZ in the district Tucznawa in Dąbrowa Górnicza. This is the only of the three Regional Parks Zone (Ujazd are still in the province. Opole and Zabrze) is currently without an investor.

So far, this is due to, among others, arming the local area. The whole area of investment in Dąbrowa Górnicza Tucznawa has almost 260 hectares, of which 99.5 ha incorporated into DąbrowaSosnowiec SEZ subzone. At the beginning of November. communicating the city opened the area, a 9-kilometer route between the junction of national road No. 94, Road No. 790, and the intersection of highway 796.

Work on the construction of access roads and enabling the site, which will soon be completed, suggests that it is already properly prepared for subsequent investment projects” found Wojaczek.

He added that in 2015. Area will want to, inter alia, exploit the potential of all three of its Regional Parks, as well as land enrolled her in 2014. In May of this year. the government decided to extend the zone of the earlier 346 ha – including of land in Tychy, Bieruń, Częstochowa and Gliwice. President of the SEZ estimated that the forecast for the whole of 2015. “Look rather optimistic.

“We expect 12-15 projects worth 1-1.5 billion and 1.3 thousand. Jobs. Some of them require additional weapons and preparation, and a positive attitude authority of cities and municipalities to participate actively in the process of retrofitting sites bodes well for them concluded Wojaczek.

In 2013. KSSE acquired 29 new investment projects in 2012. 25. The total value of acquired in 2013. New investment was at least 1 billion 545 million, compared to 1.5 billion in 2012 . In 2013. investors declared the creation of 1.3 thousand. new jobs, a year earlier approx. 800.

Currently, the total area of the Katowice Special Economic Zone is 2348 hectares, of which 1,000 hectares remain free for development.