Appeared jubilee, the fifteenth edition of the ranking, “Gazelle, which contains the most dynamic small and medium-sized companies. In the forefront, model years past, are Mazowieckie and Silesia. In this edition of verified results achieved by SMEs in the period 2011- 2013.

Among the 2014 Business Gazelles are companies that:

Started operations before the year 2011. and run it continuously until today;
In 2011-2013 had never recorded a loss;
In 2011-2013 from year to year have been registering sales growth;
2011 sales amounted to no less than 3 million and not more than 200 million ;
– At least from 2011 publish financial results in the Polish Monitor B” or support them Coface Poland or the editorial staff of “Business Pulse.

In terms of Gazelles, 75 percent. all participants are small and medium-sized (employing more than 9 persons but not more than 249 persons). 20 percent. of them are created before 1991, there is an increasing number of Gazelles, created after 2000 (38 per cent. of all participants). In the structure of the industry is dominated by industry, followed by wholesale and retail trade and industry for construction, transportation and storage. According to the authors Ranking (Coface) SME market is becoming more mature. Among the domestic business giants are many companies that were previously on the list of Gazelles. We are happy to see that as a group Gazel from year to year changes, and the companies that appear on the ranking lists a few years ago, today they are too large to be included in the statement – admits Jarosław Jaworski, President of Coface (cit. For Business Pulse Business Gazelles 2014” – “Volatility favors the best“).

In the forefront are also Dąbrowa company. Third place in the region and 7 in the country took the company Eurozłom EN (data for 2014: employment of 10 people, revenues of 65.1 million. PLN, net profit of 3.7 million. PLN), which is engaged in the marketing of various metal scrap . With the new waste processing plants (co-financed from the National Fund), the company intends to increase its potential.

Total 9 Dąbrowa businesses have come in the rankings. Comparing the list of last year’s ranking, the company improved its position in the country, there has been some new players, and many Dąbrowa Gazelles, as intended, recited by the authors freaked criteria. “