New edition of Photo Competition “EUROPE IN MY REGION” has begun. Main goal of this competition is to highlight positive aspects and results of projects receiving EU funding.

There is no doubt that EU funds influence our everyday lives in a more or less direct way. Local communities, as well as entrepreneurs benefit more and more from effects of EU funded projects. European Commission, which is organising the competition, wants to promote these projects, that make a real difference and help regions.

Competition “EUROPE IN MY REGION” gives a chance to present good practices and influence of such projects. If there is a project in your area, that has received EU funding, and is beneficial for you and your local community, there is a good way to share it! All you need to do is to take a photo of the plaque or billboard with EU flag and funding information regarding particular project. Sounds like piece of cake!

Competition means prizes. And this time prizes are not bad at all. Winners will receive 1000 Euro to spend on camera equipment and a trip for two to Brussels. Deadline for submitting pictures ends on 23rd of August 2013, 12:00 am.


We invite all interested in taking part in competition to visit below site.


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